Household Goods

Order matching crockery, glasses and cutlery that can be easily replaced, year after year

Breakages happen and replacements need to be sourced. So many properties have a mixed inventory of patterned & plain crockery and various shaped glasses and not only does it look bad, it is impossible to replace broken items with the same patterned plate or bowl.

We have always thought it makes good sense to source a range of suitable tableware for our rental portfolio to standardise inventory. We provide a range of solid, functional and competitively priced tableware, including:

  • White porcelain, catering weight crockery = the heaviest weight you can buy
  • Range of heavy weight glasses
  • Catering weight serving bowls and platters
  • Stainless steel functional cutlery

Most owners flock to Ikea for their stock which is cheap but the low quality means it never lasts. Our aim is to provide a good quality plate, bowl or glass that will last AND can be replaced year after year. It also means less hassle for you as you can also order direct from us. Please take a look at the range available and if you would like to start ordering from it, please complete the order form and email it back to us.